Telecom operators require uninterrupted power supply. This proves to be a challenge for towers located in remote areas with unreliable or no access to the grid, which in turn forces telecom companies to rely heavily on expensive diesel generation. Renewable energy, with its increasingly competitive prices, is addressing these issues and redefining power for telecom towers.

Diesel power, besides high OPEX, is also the source of huge greenhouse gas emissions. With more national and international regulations focusing on cutting down carbon emissions and rising fuel costs pressuring the bottom line, renewable energy is emerging as an attractive solution for the telecom sector.

We understand the importance of uninterrupted power supply in the telecommunications industry. That is why we offer complete off-grid hybrid solutions preconfigured and designed for unmatched reliability. No maintenance required. Furthermore, we ensure that our customer’s investment is safe by incorporating industrial-grade endurance in our technology. Telecom operators and TowerCos can start capitalizing on the investment immediately with OPEX savings of up to 99% and short payback period. Finally, the remote monitoring and control features of our systems save time and further enhance the system’s numerous efficiency gains.