Energy is a strategically important resource in military operations and cutting its cost is essential not just for saving public money, but also for the purpose of more reliable operations. Our solutions provide a tremendous tactical advantage by reducing the need for regular fossil fuel supplies and by increasing the reliability of electricity supply.


Our technology features Exeron, the world’s most innovative modular hybrid control system for power autonomy, and meets the high-quality standards of Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP) developed by NATO. We provide robust and reliable design combined with industrial grade endurance even in remote locations and the harshest conditions.

Exeron’s unique optimization software for reduction of diesel fuel consumption brings powerful advantages, including substantial financial benefits and lower dependency on diesel supplies. This, in turn, leads to simplified logistics allowing for focus on primary mission objectives. 

We understand the importance of mobility for each military operation and for that reason we offer standard containerized solutions. The Milrack is a robust outdoor system enclosure with semiconductor cooling unit for microwave field applications.