Hospitality Industry

Our renewable energy solutions provide the owners and operators of remote hotels and lodges with the opportunity to reduce their OPEX and carbon footprint at the same time.

Electricity is the largest utility expense in the lodging industry oftentimes accounting for 60% of total energy expenditure. To this effect, we offer an immediate OPEX reduction of up to 99% to facilities that are powered solely by diesel generators.  The advantages of using our Exeron solutions go beyond cost savings. The lowered diesel consumption dramatically reduces noise levels and provides greater guest satisfaction. Moreover, using green energy is increasing consumer trust by bringing benefits like cleaner air and a healthier environment.

The best part is that we offer a turn-key solution causing no disruption to business operations. It includes an easy and fast installation, no maintenance, and equipment designed for the harshest climate conditions on the planet. We are able to power a luxurious hotel on a remote island or a hunting lodge in the mountains. 

Typical Daily Consumption and Generation Profile

CASE STUDY: Safari Lodge, South Africa